No worries!

You have a couple of options, either have a friend pick up your share or let us know and we can double up your future weeks to make up for it

Yes! Go to our working memberships page or email Katy, she will be happy to set something up with you!

Artisan Gardens produces from July through sometime in October. The season starts out light but gets much heartier as the season progresses!

Go to our Buy a Summer CSA Share page and order whichever size you would like!

We all share the bounty and the risk of the farm, hopefully a huge disaster does not happen. If it does, we will try our best to plant again.

To be certified organic there are many hoops you have to go through and we are just too small to spend that much time and money on the certified organic process. With that being said, everything is organically grown! We do not use any fertilizers, pesticides, or GMO's.

We plan on having pick up times on every Monday from 4-6:30 p.m., that way you have all of your fresh vegetables for the week! If this time does not work for you, let us know, we are happy to accommodate! We will email you when the first pick up is ready!

Great question! We are located at Legacy Farm, 6427 Weld County Road 68.5, Windsor, Colorado 80550. We are about 3-4 miles east of the interstate.